Claudia Afshar Design is a Specialist High End Interior Design Company with a transnational footprint. Raised between London and the British countryside, Claudia apprenticed at her Mother’s award-winning interior design firm, Living in Space, while she learned architectural design and ground-up development from her Father’s successful large-scale property firm. As such she has a unique set of influences from which her sophisticated, sumptuous and refreshing brand have blossomed.

As a renowned multifaceted Interior Designer, Claudia is known for creating spectacular yet refined spaces globally. Her reputation within the intercontinental Design Community continues to grow as does the list of brands who have made Claudia their featured designer, to help drive product development and sales. She is sought out by clients and brands alike for her unrelenting passion, which she pours into her productions, her creativity, attention to detail and her strong relationships. 

Her exemplary portfolio featured in Architectural Digest and other prestigious publications, is rich in global inspirations revealing her vast knowledge of architecture, interiors and furniture history. Her clients range from families to bespoke brands, and from celebrities to high-end property developers. Her ability to visualize and interpret the personalized needs of such a diverse clientele, is reflected in her work and numerous testimonials. Claudia creates clean yet luxurious environments that remain timeless, functional and exude a sense of home.