Operations Manager
Leila is a goal driven and creative soul, with a Bachelor’s degree in Design and Merchandising. After working with trend forecasting and buying, she decided to change career path as she learned her strengths leaned towards problem solving and successfully managing different departments. Leila moved from Sweden 15 years ago, where her commitment to protecting the environment was born, along with supporting organizations working with mental health.


Senior Designer

Bailey, a small-town Arizona native, relocated to Los Angeles in 2012 to pursue her master’s degree in architecture after completing her bachelor’s in interior design. Since then, she has gained extensive experience at various design firms in Los Angeles. Beyond her professional accomplishments, Bailey is passionate about teaching and has served as an adjunct professor at Woodbury University. In addition, she has also led architectural design workshops in Vienna, Barcelona, and Turkey. When she’s not designing, Bailey is a devoted mom to two energetic little boys, who bring her endless inspiration and keep her on her toes!


Intermediate Designer

Alannah is originally from the Boston area and has an architectural background with a B.Arch Degree from Syracuse University. Many of her travels abroad have shaped and inspired her design approach, giving her a unique and well-rounded outlook. With a focus and expertise in luxury design, she still has a passion for design practices revolving around community development.  Alannah’s travels to Jordan and the largest Syrian refugee camp in the world, the Za’atari Refugee camp, for her thesis has greatly influenced her work as she grows as a design professional in both her local community and the luxury community.


Creative Marketing & Design Assistant

Born and raised amid the vibrant energy of Los Angeles, Leila earned her degree in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing from Boston University. Her professional journey has been diverse, from navigating the dynamic realm of social media marketing to delving into the intricacies of real estate, each experience has shaped her understanding of the interconnectedness between people and their environments. She has brought her marketing and operations skills from her previous experiences seamlessly merging creative flair with a structured organizational approach. She is excited to continue the UCLA Architecture and Interior Design certificate program.