KBIS 2024

Designed by Claudia Afshar Design

This year, we partnered with Cosentino to design their 4,000 sqft booth for KBIS 2024. We intentionally designed the booth to serve as a showcase of the many possibilities offered by Cosentino products. By highlighting the flexibility of Cosentino materials in various applications, from kitchen countertops to bathroom vanities, shower walls and shower trays, fireplaces, wine bars, swimming pools and more, the booth encourages designers to explore innovative ways to incorporate these products. When designing the booth, we purposely approached it as if we were designing a client’s home, both interior and exterior, envisioning it as ‘Cosentino’s House’. It has been a pleasure working with Cosentino designing this booth.

Nominated for KBIS 2024 Best Large Booth Award

Featuring Award Winning Silestone’s XM Jardin Emerald.