Brickfields is a unique property close to the hub of London, but set within the privacy of the English countryside. It is one of the few properties that has been built with numerous sustainable elements, such as solar panels, water recycling and ground source heat pumps, proving that a luxury home with tomorrow’s technology can operate on minimal expenditure. It’s contemporary architecture is also reflective of its rural aspect with the ‘kiln’ echoing the historical heritage of the area. Internally Brickfields exudes luxury and practicality, featuring 6 bedrooms and bathrooms, sumptuous living rooms, indoor swimming pool, a gym and movie theatre, as well as a roof terrace with a spa overlooking the British countryside with the two wings connected by a bespoke glass link. The natural timber in the kitchen combined with a sleek cutting edge stone countertops, as well as sophisticated tile selections have surpassed design expectations. The use of color and texture in the hard finishes, and the design detail together with energy efficient lighting provide a truly exclusive result. Both inside and out each space has a function, allowing for a comfortable and practical lifestyle tailored to today’s living.